Worker configuration

Worker is configured using Docker environment variables. Set environment variables when run container. Example:

docker run -d --env EMCEE_WORKER_QUEUE_URL="http://<your hostname or ip>:41000" \ 
--name queue-worker1 \ 
--network emcee-network avitotech/emcee-worker:21.0.0

Replace <your hostname or ip> with host or ip of machine where queue runs.

Or put environment variables in .env and convey it when run container:

docker run -d --env-file ./.env \
--name queue-worker1 \
--network emcee-network avitotech/emcee-worker:21.0.0

Available environment variables for worker configuration are listed below:

Variable. Description
EMCEE_WORKER_PORT Worker port. 41001 by default.
EMCEE_WORKER_LOG_LEVEL Worker logging level. Possible options: verbose, debug, info, warn, critical.
EMCEE_WORKER_ARTIFACTS_DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT_MS Timeout for downloading artifacts in ms. For instance, downloading apk bundles from Artifactory .
EMCEE_WORKER_APK_INSTALLATION_TIMEOUT_MS Timeout for installing apps in ms.
EMCEE_WORKER_GRAPHITE_IS_ENABLED Enables Graphite metrics. true or false.
EMCEE_WORKER_GRAPHITE_SOCKET_PORT Graphite port. Example: 2001.
EMCEE_WORKER_GRAPHITE_METRIC_PREFIX Graphite metric prefix. Example:
EMCEE_WORKER_KIBANA_ENDPOINTS List of ,-separated Kibana endpoints for logs. Example:,
EMCEE_WORKER_KIBANA_INDEX_PATTERN Index pattern for Kibana logs. Example: awesome-android-worker.
EMCEE_WORKER_ELASTIC_API_KEY api key for Elastic, optional. It is used for authorization in Elastic and will be added to http headers in request. api-key-service is supported.
EMCEE_WORKER_KIBANA_IS_ENABLED Enables Kibana logs. true or false.
EMCEE_WORKER_ARTIFACTORY_USERNAME Artifactory authorization username. Basic Authentication is supported.
EMCEE_WORKER_ARTIFACTORY_PASSWORD Artifactory authorization password.

Variables for Graphite, Kibana/Elastic, Artifactory are optional.