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Storage configuration contains info about remote storage which will be used for files transfer operations. For example, for tests artifacts transfer between Emcee workers and CLI client.

Storage feature is required for Android platform only


  type: artifactory
  baseUrl: http://localhost:8081/artifactory/
  repository: some-repository
  user: user_name
  password: user_password
  connectionTimeout: 30
  readTimeout: 600
  writeTimeout: 600
Parameter Description Default value
baseUrl Address of deployed Artifactory
user User for Artifactory. Omit if there is no authorization in Artifactory ""
password Password for Artifactory. Omit if there is no authorization in Artifactory ""
repository Repository to put files in Artifactory
connectionTimeout Client timeout to get first byte from Artifactory response 30
readTimeout Timeout for downloading files from Artifactory 600
writeTimeout Timeout for uploading files to Artifactory 600

Setup Artifactory#

Artifactory instance should be accessible from both client and worker which in turn runs inside docker container

You need: - create a new repository with Generic type and a name of your choice. Use this repository name as repository for Artifactory storage in emceeplan. The emcee-transport folder will then be created in it for Emcee to operate - create new or use an existing Artifactory user, or enable anonymous access in the settings. The user, including anonymous, must have read, write and delete rights

New repository might be created using panel Administration - Repositories - Add repository - Local repository

Anonymous access might be enabled using panel Administration - User management - Settings.