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Snapshots and video

You may want screenshots or video captured for tests to know exactly why they failed. Captured artifacts will be part of Allure report or platform specific report.

You configure iOS and Android capturing strategies in a slightly different way.


Available capturing strategies preferredScreenCaptureFormat: - screenshots - video

Default capturing strategy is not set.

Available lifetime strategies testAttachmentLifetime: - deleteOnSuccess - captured artifacts will be pruned if test succeeds - keepNever - artifacts will not be captured - keepAlways - captured artifacts will be presented for all tests

Default lifetime strategy is deleteOnSuccess.

    - platform: ios
      preferredScreenCaptureFormat: screenshots
      testAttachmentLifetime: deleteOnSuccess

Video recording is supported since Xcode 15.0


Available lifetime strategies videoRecordStrategy: - record_on_fail - record screen only for failed tests - record_all - record screen for each tests - record_none - do not record screen

    - platform: android
        videoRecordStrategy: record_on_fail

Default lifetime strategy is record_none.