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Quick start

Create an account#

First you need to create an account on our platform

  • It's absolutely free
  • No credit cards or payments required
  • No additional verification

Right after registration, you will have a demo account that provides full access to our platform

Account creation restrictions

  • Self-registration may be restricted
  • If you have any problems please contact us

Configure Test Run#

You can easily access to Test Run creation form by clicking on one of the buttons:

  • Start my first run button on the main page start_my_first_run.png

  • New Test Run button on the top bar. new_test_run.png

1. Choose platform#

First you need to select one of the platforms by clicking on the appropriate icon.


2. Submit test artifacts#

Minimum required artifacts set#

  • App binary
  • Tests binary


For iOS UI tests you need to provide Test runner binary.

In this step, you must submit your artifacts in one of two ways:

Passing URL that refers to your artifacts.#


URL requirements

  • URL must be available without authentications
  • Name of target artifact must be provided in the URL after # e.g.

Uploading artifacts to our storage.#


Artifacts requirements

  • All iOS artifacts must be packed in ZIP.
  • All Paths to iOS artifacts in archives must contain extension.
  • All Android artifacts must be an apk without zipping.

Combine uploading and url passing#

You also can combine these two methods


3. Select tests#

We will parse your test artifacts and show the list of your tests.

In this step, you can specify which tests you want to run.


4. Set runtime and additional parameters#

You can configure additional parameters:

  • Runtime (SDK/SimRuntime)
  • Locale
  • Environment variables


5. Start your run#

This is it!

Just click Start tests button.

Analyze test results#

After running the tests, you will be redirected to the Test Run page.

Here you can see the progress of your tests.

Once the test run is complete, expanded information will be available.

It is also possible to download reports in Allure/XCResult/JUnit formats after the run is completed.

For more information see Test results and history