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You can easily access to Profile by clicking Profile button on the top bar.

User profile#

At the top right of the Profile screen you can find User profile information.


It is basic information about your personal profile.

Here you can find:

  • User id
  • email
  • Your role in current account

API tokens#

Underneath the User profile information is API token management block.


Here you can:

  • See the list of all your tokens
  • Create new tokens
  • Delete tokens

Account (Company profile)#

At the top left of the Profile screen you can find Account information.


What is Account aka Company aka Space?

  • Account is abstraction for group of people/company/etc which helps unite individual profiles under one space and share resources
  • After registration, a personal space(Account) is created for each user
  • You can invite someone to your space(Account) or ask to join others
  • Each user of space(Account) has role
  • All resources are shared within space(Account)

On the bottom left you can find Account users management block.


Here you can:

  • See the list of all Account's users
  • Add new user
  • Delete user

Admin requirements

You need Admin role to manage your account

Billing and resources information can also be on the Profile screen.