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Proxy/VPN and your Internal Network

Sometimes we need to run tests with non-public resources like staging/non-prod/testing environment which not available from the Internet.

In this case, we provide several solutions:

IP Whitelisting#


The whitelisting of an IP address is a cybersecurity technique that gives IT administrators control over who can access systems and resources.

IP whitelisting (allowlisting) involves creating a list of trusted IP addresses, assigning them to a user or group of users as a unique identifier, and permitting the IP address on the target server only.

As a result, any system inside the LAN, datacenter or third-party SaaS application can be set up to be accessed.

How to#

  • Contact us to provide our IP Addresses list
  • Allow this IP Addresses access to your network
  • That's it. Now you can run your test in our cloud with your non-public environment



We are using open source tool FRP as a proxy provider.

This tool consists of two separate parts "Server" and "Client".

Server is installed in our cloud environment and waiting for clients to connect.

You need to install the Client in your internal environment. The setup is secure because you control the access that the Client machine has in the network.

Once the Client starts, it immediately connects to the Server on our side to establish a tunnel. And once established, our testing environment can access the system under test through that tunnel.

It is advised that the Client is only given access to the resources it needs access to in order to execute the test (usually a set of web servers).


Is it safe for me?

Yes, it's perfectly safe for two reasons:

  • You have full control for Client side connection and settings and can restrict this accecc as much as you want.

  • Your proxy connection is only available for your tests runs. No one from the outside can use it accidentally or intentionally.

How to turn on#

  1. Download and extract the latest FRP version for your Operating System
  2. Create a config.ini file using the following template:
    server_addr =
    server_port = 443
    tls_enable = true
    protocol = wss
    type = tcp
    remote_port = {YOUR_PORT}
    plugin = http_proxy
    • Change YOUR_ORGANISATION_NAME to your organisation or emcee account name
    • Change {YOUR_PORT} to one from the range 40000-50000
  3. Run client by following command
    ./frpc -c config.ini
  4. Go to Emcee Cloud Profile
  5. Scroll to the bottom
  6. Set "Enable proxy" to "On"
  7. Add host
  8. Add port which you set in step 3
  9. Click "Save" button


10.That's it. Now you can run your test in our cloud with your non-public environment

How to turn off#

  1. Go to Emcee Cloud Profile
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Set "Enable proxy" to "Off"