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Billing and resources

Account types#

We have two types of accounts:

  • Demo
  • Paid

Demo accounts#

  • ✅ Absolutely free
  • ✅ Available immediately after registration
  • ⚠ Limited in use
  • ✅ Available after credit card sign-up or signing a contract
  • ✅ Transparent tariffs
  • ✅ Pay as you go

Account quotas#

Demo accounts#

By default, 10 free machine hours and 2GB storage are available on demo accounts

Contact us for individual demo limits

Only limitations for paid account is 50GB storage.

But you can contact us for free storage limit increase.


Admin requirements

You need Admin role to manage your account

Information about tariffs provided in Billing section of Profile page.


Here you can:

  • See your current tariff
  • See your past and future tariffs
  • Get billing report for period


Information about resources provided in Resources section of Profile page.


Here you can:

  • See your storage usage and limit
  • Clear you storage
  • See free Test Runs quota