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Advanced Test Run

Test plans(XCTestRun)#

Emcee supports xcode test plans

How to (UI)#

  1. Click New Test Run button on the top bar.
  2. Choose iOS platform.
  3. Upload xctestrun file or provide URL for it.

xctestrun file requirements

xctestrun file mustn't be packed in zip.

4. Upload all artifacts required for your xctestrun

5. Check tests on next screen and filter them if needed.

6. Check ENVs and runtime on next screen and rewrite them if needed.

7. Start run.

How to (API)#

Use Test Run Create method

Test Run Create params for xctestrun

  • You must provide all artifacts link required for your xctestrun (including xctestrun file without zipping)
  • You can rewrite ENVs or Runtime by passing them in params
  • You can rewrite test entries by passing them in params

Android artifacts custom directory pull#

Sometimes your frameworks or tools generate files in different directories on device.

For example, Kaspresso generates files in sdcard/Documents directory.

If you want to receive this files after tests run add EMCEE_CUSTOM_DIR_TO_PULL environment variable when setup your test run.

Example - env EMCEE_CUSTOM_DIR_TO_PULL and value is /sdcard/Documents. In this case all files from /sdcard/Documents device directory will be pulled (if they are accessible for adb). You can find this files after run under Save as - Allure button.